Sharkproject e.V. Association

Sharkproject is an internationally recognized association dedicated to the protection of sharks through direct action campaigns, support of promising conservation and research projects, education and political lobbying.
Since joining in 2019, Jan has quickly become an active part of the team and is now a board member. He is providing scientific advice as well as overseeing the two projects below supported by Sharkproject.

Blue Savannah

Blue Savannah is a project led by German shark scientist Lukas Müller and supported by Sharkproject e.V. In 2021, Sharkproject donated a tool to analyse eDNA-samples time- and cost-effectively in the project’s field laboratory.

His project aims at understanding spatial-temporal movement patterns of bull sharks and other key species (such as endangered ray and fish species as well as dugongs) inside and outside the Bazaruto National Park in Mozambique to establish and improve local management measures.

Angola ElasmoProject

Led by Ana Lucia Furtado Soares, the project is the first of its kind in the region using catch data from small-scale fisheries to provide baseline information on the community composition of elasmobranchs.

Furthermore, the aim is to establish adequate management measures in cooperation with local fishermen to reduce by-catch and risk for endangered species potentially.

Sharkproject supports Lucia by partially funding her PhD-project, as well as by assisting in administrative and scientific tasks.

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