Sharks and

Who are we ?

Jan Bierwirth

Shark specialist and conservationist. I believe in marine protection through science, education and experience.

Juliette Villechanoux

Coral speciaslit and macro enthusiast, I love spending my dives with my head in the rocks observing every tiny detail of marine life.

Projects and research

We work in marine conservation and shark and coral reef research at the moment. Find out more about our current/past activities and projects.

One of our passion : underwater photography

We both love capturing the sceneries and fauna of the marine universe and sharing it on our social media . 


We decided to create a portfolio for each one of us with a selection of our favourite creations. Discover our different photography styles and the underwater world!

Marine science accessible for everyone !

We believe that scientists should not keep their work and findings to themselves. Science is for everyone and we love to share our work with you! 


Check out our blog for all kinds of ocean-related posts and updates from our current projects!  

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